The Price of a Puppy


The reason for me writing this page is to save you your time and us our time, I have quoted the price here on this page for our puppies because some people try to talk us down in price. Some new owners do not understand just how much time and money we have put into raising our new born babies, we are there with the whelping mum all the time no matter how long it takes for her to deliver her new born. We do have many sleepless nights when awaiting the birth of the expected litter and when the new mum is not experienced and still has a lot to learn about raising her babies. Then there is the extensive amount of time in the day to day raising of the puppies.

Our prices are fair, and in line with most other breeders. You will receive a good quality puppy one that has been vet checked with a written health certificate. They are wormed on a regular basis, vaccinated, microchipped, and registered with DOGS NSW  -  All puppies are sold on limited register (unless otherwise agreed) which means they are sold on the condition that they are not for showing or breeding purposes.

As part of our health program to improve this new breed in Australia, our puppies are health checked by a registered Vet and DNA profiled for future research and to provide you with a guarantee that you are buying a pedigree Havanese with the parentage genetically documented. We also provide a book and specific information on raising the puppy.

Born and lovingly raised in our home, our puppies have been well socialised (with young children) and are well on their way to being toilet trained. They are given a great deal of our time to give them the best start and are very much loved and cared for. 

Our Havanese are from very carefully chosen lines which give us good quality pups that we at Edelpark are known for producing. No expense is spared in raising our Havanese and it shows;  firstly in their lovely natures, their health and the condition they are presented - gloriously clean and parasite free.

At present (2023) the price of a puppy on limited register would be approximately $3000 - $4000 (AUS).  Retired adults are sometimes available starting from $1000 (AUS), depending on age.  Retired adults are health checked by a veterinarian and desexed prior to  leaving for their forever home. 

We MAY consider puppies for pre-approved homes overseas. However, this is rare and we are selective on where our puppies are homed. Prices will vary from those mentioned above depending on quarantine and other regulations.

The Havanese are beautifully natured dogs who need your love and attention, they can live for up to 15 years of age or even longer, so they are a life time commitment. If the Havanese is the one for you and your family, and you are willing to give them the love they deserve, then feel free to contact us.

Distance is not a problem as we can assist you with arranging transport.


 The Fine Print.....

At EDELPARK our primary aim is to breed quality dogs with lovely temperaments. We breed for temperament and health first and foremost. We believe that it doesn't matter how beautiful something is you need to live with it. To that end, we temperament test our puppies at 7 weeks of age to ensure that the correct puppy is allocated to the most appropriate home. Because of the many years experience that we have in breeding and exhibiting dogs, we can pretty much guarantee that your EDELPARK puppy will not only LOOK the part, but will act the part as well.   

Because we breed to KEEP and not to sell, we do not breed often. We liaise with potential puppy purchasers to ensure that they are happy with us and more importantly, that we are satisfied with the home that a purchaser can offer one of our precious babies.
We do not operate on a "first come, best dressed" basis. We try, where possible to match individual puppies to individual home situations. Each puppy has a different temperament' some are shy and others outgoing. We feel it is important to match the right puppy with the right home so we undertake temperament testing which will provide a guide as to which puppy would be best suited.
Our companion puppies are sold on Limited Registration only. If you are not an established breeder/exhibitor, or unless otherwise agreed by us, please do not be offended if we refuse to sell you a puppy on Main Registration. Limited Registration does NOT mean that you are purchasing a lesser quality puppy. On the contrary, sometimes you may be fortunate to get a puppy that we would class as a show prospect, simply because the puppy was not of the gender we were looking for or we did not have a place available for them at the time. Limited Registration basically means that your puppy/dog is registered with DOGS NSW/AKC, however you are unable to show it or to breed from it.
We do understand that people have preferences for gender. However, as we do prefer that pet puppies are desexed as soon as practicable, these gender differences are often not an issue.
Colour preferences are not always possible to fulfill. A good dog is never a bad colour. We do understand that you may prefer a particular colour, however remember that if you turn down a puppy based on colour alone, you could well be turning down your potential best friend/family member.
Our puppies are sold subject to accept of a written purchase and desexing agreement. If you have any objections to this, please don't be offended if we do not feel that we can offer you a puppy. The only reason for purchase and desexing agreements is to protect all parties, including the puppy and to set out our basic requirements for the care of your EDELPARK puppy.

We do like to maintain contact with our puppy purchasers so if this is an issue, again, please do not be offended if we are unable to place a puppy in your home.

Should you ever not be in a position to keep your EDELPARK puppy/dog for any reason, we do ask that you contact us prior to re-homing, selling or euthanasing it. We take back our own, this is also mentioned in our purchasing agreement, where you agree to notify us of any changes in your circumstances. 

As previously mentioned, we are happy to sell puppies to homes interstate, however unless otherwise arranged all freight costs are borne by the purchaser.